USAIGC COACHES EDUCATION CLINIC           AUGUST 27-28, 2016         Freehold Elite Gymnastics, NJ
1 or 2 Days, 5 hour Clinic (per day) with a free lunch break
Freehold Gymnastics has all of the training tools necessary to make this clinic an extremely positive one.  It’s time to develop USAIGC training models and provide educational support for our coaches.

Clinic Goals

-Begin an intelligent Coaches Education Program. Our Initial emphasis: Uneven Bars! 
-Establish a Progression of optional skills, drills and conditioning that will be the stepping stone for long-term skill development. Developing good gymnasts requires conditioning (strength of gymnast) and intelligent long-term planning.
-We will establish intelligent long-term training procedures, goals and objectives for our Coaches & their Gymnasts on ALL Competitive Levels.

Freehold Gymnastics has: 2 FX Mats, Strip Tumbling Floor, 2 Pits (one with UB over the pit, Vaulting etc.


USAIGC Education Chair: Duke Nelligan, past Maryland State Collegiate Coach.
Dan Miranda, Elite Coach, South America.
If needed B.Knox (6X Consecutive NCAA Division 2 Coach) & Tony Retrosi, Elite Coach and now involved in Coaches Education. 

REQUEST: Our Chair has requested all USAIGC Coaches send me a list of what you are having problems with.
We need to understand the challenges and difficulties Coaches are having.
Duke will also provide specific lead-up skills/drills that must be mastered for success.

Registration Fee*: 
$200.00 one day - $300.00 two days.
10% discount for more than one coach from the same USAIGC club.
A simple lunch will be provided by USAIGC.

When a gymnast puts away her leotard and club warm-up for the last time and walks away from our sport, as the Coach reflects, would they choose to coach the individual gymnast differently than they presently have? Effective youth coaching is psychiatry and parenting. Each gymnast is unique, and they have specific needs that sport can bring them.

Some coaches fail to fill those needs because they falsely assume they are training the next Elite or Olympic Champion. They fail to see each child beyond that day when their career ends. The USAIGC/IAIGC by design is to prepare our gymnasts for life beyond sports. We believe a healthy well-rounded competitive program will prepare our gymnasts for tomorrows World. Gymnasts in the right competitive environment will be prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world. They will become the leaders, providing our Coaches understand the big picture.

Gymnasts in a healthy Competitive Program will develop:
a standard of excellence, strong work ethic, believe in themselves, learn to trust others, the value of encouragement, to know they aren’t the center of the universe, to know that success does not come overnight (or in one practice), to lose with dignity, to accept temporary failures without blaming others, and to realize these failures aren’t permanent, to be pushed to their physical limit, time and time again, to love and to be loved, to sacrifice for others, to respect authority and rules, Teamwork/unselfishness, To never give up!
These things still matter when the cheering stops………… to be continued.

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Paul Spadaro - USAIGC President
450 North End Avenue - Suite 20F
New York, NY 10282
fax: 212.227.9793

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