USAIGC & IAIGC 2015 World Championship

(Palm Springs) California.
Is now history...........

Congratulations to our USAIGC/IAIGC Club Owners, Coaches, Gymnasts, Parents and Staff for making yet another World Championship an experience to remember.

WE believe that Gymnastics is so much more than scores, competition and placements and more about the times shared and spent together in jampacked Karaoke/DJ Nights and TV Swim Nights by the pool. Our Hospitality Nights were a special time for our Club Owners, Coaches and Staff to come together in a friendly environment while exchanging ideas and planing for our Associations' future.

As President of the USAIGC/IAIGC I look back fondly as I watched our gymnasts and coaches from other countries and states across America bonding while working together and supporting one another through cheers and congratulations on outstanding performances and efforts,

These special moments only prove to enhance this competitive program that we have  developed for our gymnasts, while offering them physical, emotional and social benefits, in a nurturing and happy enviornment.
I am very proud to be President of this Worldwide Association.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                         Paul


2016 USAIGC / IAIGC World Championship Orlando, Florida

Work in progress. 

Day 1: Copper 1                                                                                                                                                  Day 2: Copper 1                                                                                                                                               Day 3: Copper 1/2

Entry Fees:

Copper: $100.00
Bronze-Premier: $120.00
Individual Events: $30.00 per event  * gymnasts who qualify to Individual Event Finals pay NO additional fee 

Athlete Activities
Karaoke Night - night 2
Dance - night 
TV Night at the Pool: night 3 & 5

Coaches & Club Owners - 2 Hospitality Night
Working on a Coaching Clinic with a special guest(s) clinician for our gymnasts and Coaches.
This will take place in the second gym during competition.

"Gymnast T-Shirt SWAP" after EVERY All Around Session! Bring a Club T-Shirt!


Well Wishes Text Only1/4 page $25.00
Photos Black & White:  PDF Only:1/4 Page $50.00, 1/2 Page $75.00, Full Page $100.00
Corporate Advertising: 1/2 page $100.00, Full Page $200.00
World Championship Entry Deadline: June 5, 2016

Mail to: USAIGC, 450 North End Avenue - Suite 20D, N.Y, N.Y. 10282
Checks made out to: USAIGC

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