USAIGC & IAIGC World Championships


We in negoiations with three Beach Front Hotels in Cancun, Mexico. The time has come to take our World Championship to an International location. I have been going to Mexico since I was 18 years old. Cancun is a perfect setting for our World Championship. We will select a beach front hotel foot steps away from the white sand and turqoise waters of Cancun. 

Cancun has great hotels at reasonable prices. The beautiful white sandy beaches bring you to the turquoise water.
A perfect World Championship Family location for our growing World Championship.
Three new countries may attend: Australia, Asia, India and we hope our Mexican Clubs!

USAIGC/IAIGC SPECIALLY PRICED ROOM RATES will be availableWe will have 90% of the hotel.
World Championship Registration will be open on May1, 2017 before some of our State/Regional Championships to help my Competition Team set up rotation schedules for Parents & Coaches.*USAIGC Rooms available 3 days pre and post our competition dates, pending availability.


Cancun Mexico Tentative Dates: 5 Competition Days
June 27 - July 1, 2017 
June 28 – July 2, 2017
World Championship Structure - POSSIBLE COMPETITION SCHEDULE
Two Competition Levels
 competing at same time on different Competitive Areas in the same Ballroom.  
Equipment via AAI setup the day before the first day of competition.
We are waiing on AAI to guarantee the equipment will be able to be trucked into Mexico. 
The equipment currently in the country is not current enough for our World Championship Gymnasts. 
Within the next 3 weeks all will be resolved (November 15) 
26 sessions/5 Days
Plan ahead: Arrive one day early stay one day later. 
The USAIGC will have a major travel company working on group airline fares from all major cities.
"Practice Gym" will be available when one gym is not in use. We cannot bring 3 sets of competition equipment into Mexico.Whenever one competition set is not being used it will be open for practice for the group competing the next day.
Our goal is to have one gym setup on the day before our first day of competition ONLY for those gymnasts competing on day 1. 


USAIGC/IAIGC PROGRAM: this will be handled by professionals.
1/8 Page Well Wishes /Shout-Outs:   $25.00
¼ Page Photo                                  $50.00
½ Page Photo                                  $75.00
Full Page Photo                              $100.00
DEADLINE JUNE 10 Checks or CC Payable to USAIC.
CC: A/E, MC, Visa - Fax info to USAIGC: 212-227-9793
Mail to: Paul Spadaro/USAIGC - 450 North End Avenue – 20F - NY, NY 10282
Send all Program info to

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