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WARRIOR CO-CHAIRS who have a great deal of knowledge, understanding and education about this program, a program with individual values that go beyond the “fun”, “excitement” and “challenges” of the Warrior program. This program will help in the social, emotional and physical development of our young “warriors”. We must walk (learn) before we can run (compete). Creating a strong, intelligent Class Program FIRST will be the foundation and success to any Competitive Program. 

Our USAIGC Warrior Program Co-Directors: Alexis Valvis & Antonio Rogers of Progressive Gymnastics. NY. 
Both Co-Chairs have the understanding, the know how and physiology/P.E backgrounds to bring our USAIGC Class Warrior Program up to speed and provide the foundation for a competitive program down the road.
The USAIGC will support them in bring our Membership a strong meaningful program as well as  a strong income stream. Alexis & Antonio understand this program, their know how, their diverse and extensive backgrounds, their ability to listen will help develop successful programs for USAIGC/IAIGC Members. They will deliver a strong USAIGC Educationally and Physically sound Warrior Class Program that will provide the foundation for a competitive program down the road. 

AAI will Sponsor a Warrior "FUN" Competition at the USAIGC/IAIGC World Championship.
AAI will layout their Soft Obstacle Warrior Program which is the perfect way to begin an introduction to this fast growing income stream for BOYS & Girls.  

-Create a General USAIGC/IAIGC Warrior Class Program, which can develop into a USAIGC Warrior Manual.
A Warrior Manual to:
1. Identify and Describe by NAME, our Warrior Obstacles/Challenges with PDF pictures
2. Written Explanation (manuel) of how obstacles are safely set-up and how to safely and successfully complete these challenges.
3. Highlight Program Benefits
4. Create a USAIGC Warrior Manual with our membership for consistency, safety and insurance.
5. Eswtablish an Instructor Education & Safety Program, 

Class Structure? 
(a). maximum number of Warriors per Instructor?  (b). age groupings
(c). Class Composition: Co-Ed, separate Boys & Girls.   (d). Length of a Class,
(e). cost* of classes (this will vary from Club to Club based on individual clubs overhead),
(f). Warrior Levels? (h). Class Size, (g). Warrior Levels

Warrior Categories: a. Balance Challenges b. Climbing Structures, c. Floor Obstacles, d. Wall Challenges, e. Swinging Structures, f. Traversing Structures g. Balance, h. Bouncing, i. Jumping Skills j. Gymnastics Skills k. Fitness. L. Conditioning Skills
Warrior Terms/Challenges 
TRUSS ELEMENTS: a. Vertical Spider Climb   b. Jumping Spider  c. Hanging Element, d. Hanging Sea of Ropes, e. Junior Quad / Quintuple Steps, f. Salmon Ladder, g. Floating Boards 

KIDS (younger children) ELEMENTS: a. Cargo Tube Net b. Sea of Rings c. Kids Steps  d. Incline Ramp  e. Dual Height Up & Over Wall  f. Hanging Zip Line  h. Vertical Spider Climb

a. Door Knob Grabber, b. Salmon Ladder, c. Junior Quad / Quintuple Steps, d. Floating Boards, 
e. Hanging Sea of Ropes                     f. Vertical Spider Climb
a. Jumping Spider  b. Timer System, c. Incline Ramp, d. Dual Height Up & Over Wall
e. Warped Wall, f. Vertical Spider Climb, g. Salmon Ladder, h. Adjustable Width Balance Beam

Clubs Owners do not need to have all of the equipment/obstacles listed. 
Layout and Equipment will depend on: space available, class enrollment and instructors.
There is no “set course.” Variety eliminates boredom. Challenges/obstacles need to be age appropriate.
iDifferent obstacle(s) can be introduced throughout the year or as classes grow and Warriors improve.
Building this Warrior program collectively will guarantee success.

USAIGC Direction: Class Program, Intra-Club Competitions, USAIGC Sanctioned Warrior Competitions.
Rules for "Competition". This will be a learning experience for us all.

The Next Level: Advanced Warrior Training/Competition
Advanced Equipment: The Frame: 
The heart of every warrior course is the frame, which are designed by a licensed engineer. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Elements: Hanging Traverse Box is designed for elements that utilize overhead elements requiring upper body, hand, and core strength. This attachment allows up to 3 different activities to be attached at the same time.
Attachment Options:
1. Globe Grasp – 2.5” orbs suspended on a steel peg   2. Ring Gab – steel rings suspended from chain
Ledge Climb (various difficulty options available)           3. Peg Board 4. Door Knob Grasper

The Net Gap Frame: The Net Gap Frame takes our modular system to the extreme allowing participants
to soar through the air to complete the obstacle.

Additional Possible elements include:
a. Inverted Net Trampoline Jump – launch off a trampoline through the air to a cargo net where you climb inverted to the end
b. Trapeze Net – fly on a trapeze swing over the gap to an inverted or vertical cargo net, then climb to the end
c. Rope Trampoline Jump – launch off a trampoline to hanging ropes, then traverse ropes to a cargo net.

The Gap Frame: Add adventure to your course with the Gap Frame, participants must leap from one platform over a 10’ gap to the opposite platform without touching the mat at the bottom. The Gap Frame system allows the system to be converted from a variety of elements too suite the skill level, age, or difficulty level of the participants.

Gap Frame elements include:
Rope Swing – a simple but challenging element where the participant grasps a rope then swings from one platform to the other
Spider Wall- participants leap from the start platform a wedge themselves between two vertical walls with their hands and feet; they must then traverse the gap to the opposite side
Spider Ledge – identical to the Spider Wall with the addition of small ledges to help lower skill participants
Inverted Wall – a wall traditional wall climb inverted 60-degrees

Quad/Quintuple Steps: A staple of the American Ninja Warrior television series, the Quad/Quintuple steps is the most basic of elements, but don’t be fooled, while basic they are no-where near easy. Participants leap from platform to platform while launching off a series of angled platforms spaced anywhere from 2’-6’ apart and 2’-4’ spacing. Participants can choose to run this element one-footed for quickness or two-footed for power.

TriLevel Warped Wallisone of the more difficult elements in the Warrior Inventory. The TriLevel Warped Wall tests speed, power, and quickness. Designed to allow participants of varied skill levels to complete, the TriLevel Warped Wall includes 3 separate curve walls of varied height and radius. With wall heights of 14′, 12’, and 10’, the TriLevel Warped Wall is sure to be a challenge for all.

The Ledge: The Ledge System allows for a variety of edge clinging systems to be adapted to a single wall mounted frame. The Ledge allows participant to test hand/finger strength along with arms and shoulders as they traverse along a series of ledge attachments. The Ledge system can use cling boards, edge boards, pegs, rings, or many other systems to create the ultimate hang in there test.

Salmon Ladder: A true test of strength and coordination, the Salmon Ladder forces the participant to move a steel bar up a series of parallel pegs. Once false move and down to the le Runs. Make this easier or harder depending on the groups age and skill level.

Mobile Ninja Courses: Our mobile courses are designed as a standalone business model. Our completely modular system is made from lightweight aluminum and designed with quick setup and breakdown.

Kids Ninja Courses: Adventure Solutions (another USAIGC resource and possible equipment provider can design a custom kids course with age appropriate challenges. Many of our activities and play structures are adjustable allowing the operator to tweak the difficulty level onsite.

Truss Elements: Vertical Spider Climb, Jumping Spider, Hanging Element, Hanging Sea Ropes, JuniorQuad/Quintuple
Kid Elements:
 Cargo Tube Net,Sea Of Rings,Kids Steps,
Incline Ramp. Dual Height Up & Over Wall, Hanging Zip line,Vertical Spider Climb, Hanging Element.

Hanging Traverse Attachments: Door Knob Grabber, Salmon Ladder, Junior Quad/Quintuple Steps,
Hanging Element. Row 2: Floating Boards, Hanging Sea of Ropes, Vertical Spider Climb, Hanging Element

Standalone Elements: Jumping Spider,  Timer System, Incline Ramp, Dual Height Up & Over Wall, Row 3: Warped Wall, Vertical Spider Climb, Salmon Ladder, Adjustable Width Balance Beam

Other Warrior Categories: a. Balance Challenges b. Climbing Structures, c. Floor Obstacles, d. Wall Challenges, e. Swinging Structures, f. Traversing Structures g. Balance, h. Bouncing, i. Jumping Skills j. Gymnastics Skills k. Fitness. Conditioning Skills
Warrior Clinics:
 The USAIGC believe Warrior Competitions will be a huge success in the FUTURE BUT the initial development of this program must start from the Class Program first. Our Associations main function is to promote our Sport, our Clubs, our Class Programs, the Educational and Fitness value of our programs and our International Competitive Program. These are income streams for our Club Owners enabling them to run successful businesses without the (USAIGC) hands in their pockets.

The USAIGC will continue to spend the time and money in developing the Warrior Program for its membership. When we establish Warrior Programs within our Clubs. A competitive program will evolve. This is the only time USAIGC will be involved in your business. Competitions = Insurance, Insurance = Costs.

When Warrior Competitors become a reality the Competitive Warrior Program, the Warriors will have to become USAIGC registered athlete members just like our gymnasts. USAIGC will Sanction Warrior Competitions with insurence.
Insurance costs are higher for the Warrior Athlete. Competition Fees will be the same as our Gymnasts Fees. 
Warrior Classes like Gymnastic Classes are conducted by the individual USAIGC/IAIGC Club Members. The ONLY time the USAIGC comes into "play" is when WE go from classes to sanctioned USAIGC/IAIGC Warrior Competitions. 

Our Association Goal is to get the Warrior Class program up and running FIRST because you must walk before you can run. We need to identify all obstacles and challenges, how the obstacles are successfully completed, safety, instructors education, class size, age and size, boys, girls, co-ed, length of class, age groupings, etc.

The Progressive Warrior Class was a perfect example of a Club Owner grasping the concepts of a fun and exciting fitness program with benefits to our class members. Parents must understand the value of the skills and challenges these Warriors (and Gymnasts) are attempting to successfully complete within our Warrior Program of goals and objectives. Examples: Strength, Flexibility, Balance, FUN, conditioning, etc. – an overall fitness program in disguise. 
“Think Marine Boot Camp without the Sergeants – not really but you get the idea”. STRENGTH-POWER-FITNESS-FUN.
Our goal is to begin the process of creating a “uniformed” Competitive Warrior Program within the USAIGC/IAIGC structure by establishing an educational sound class curriculum for interested USAIGC & IAIGC Clubs. Paul Spadaro, President. The USAIGC/IAIGC role is simple: provide a strong, safe, insurable, Warrior Program for all of our Member Clubs with a National and International competitive program. As Club Owners you must do what is best for your Club and decide what direction if any you want the Warrior Program to go in. The USAIGC/IAIGC mission is to SUPPORT OUR

PROVIDING a HEALTHY and SAFE environment. To accomplish this we will follow the same structure that we have for Artistic Gymnastics; each Warrior Club Member will have a voice/vote in the Warriors organization, structure, rules and competitive program. Only USAIGC Warrior Gymnasts who plan to compete in a sanctioned competition must be a registered USAIGC Warrior Member with a registered USAIGC Club and have a valid IGC number like Artistic Gymnastics. FYI: Female Gymnasts with an IGC number do not have to register nor pay two registration fees. One athlete IGC Number will be recognized for any sanctioned USAIGC/IAIGC Competition. The USAIGC will secure the insurance to cover SANCTIONED WARRIOR Competitions at Local, State, Regional, National and World Championships. We will follow the same process of recommending rules and use the open vote for clarity. Warrior Only Clubs will have the same benefits and privileges as Artistic Gymnastic Clubs and will be required to meet our standards on Child Safety, with a 100% background check..


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