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Professionally Run Pre-School Programs 
with well organized, will educated Teachers will play a major role in the physical, mentall and educational well being of our youngest students. The educational trend to full time kindergarten has begun. A strong movement education program for children 3 months old and up is needed in every USAIGC Club. USAIGC Clubs must become movement and strength centers providing the necessary skills for these children to become physically and mentally prepared!  

Course: 5 Hours of Instruction
Taught by the most sought and knowledable Pre-School Instructor in this Country BRANT LUSKA
Club Owners should be present 
No charge for Club Owners who have one staff member attending the clinic.

Registration Deadline:TBA
USAIGC will provide Pizza & Soft Drinks to all attendees
*Paul Spadaro, President USAIGC will host a Club Owners Meeting to talk about Pre-School Organization, Student Ratio''s, Course Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Instructors Education, Goals & Objectives, Benefits, Marketing etc.

Registration Fees:
USAIGC Club Member: $150.00 per instructor*
*3rd+ Instructor (same club): $ 100.00 per instructor *beginning with 3rd instructor
Non-USAIGC Club Members: $250.00 per instructor

The Goal of every Gymnastic Club Owner is to create income streams during the morning and early afternoon hours: Monday through Friday. Pre-School Classes’ are not just an income stream they are your students! No Gymnastic Club should be CLOSED during the morning and early afternoon hours.

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    Paul Spadaro - USAIGC President
    450 North End Avenue - Suite 20F
    New York, NY 10282
    fax: 212.227.9793

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