USAIGC Club Owners Insurance Program
Masterson Insurance Agency, Inc.  Patterson Commons, 3107 Route 22, Patterson, New York 12563
USAIGC Representative: Paul J. Segnit, Jr.   
Why Insurance? Club Owners: When you buy insurance for your business, you shift the risk of loss to a third party- an Insurance Company. The Insurance Company essentially is betting that you won't suffer a loss due to the risk.  It hedges its bet by collecting a sufficially high premium - at rayes based on the statistical predictions of actuaries, - mathematical risk, so they can make money off your business even if you do suffer a loss at some point down the road.

Here Are The Most Important and Common kinds of insurance to consider for your club.
Liability: someone injured or has property damage or destroyed while on your premisess or using your product or service your organization may be sued. All landlords require Liability  Insurance.
Property Insurance: normally cobers the risk of property loss due to fire, smoke, wind and other sources of damage.
Business Interruption; If Property Damage or another situation forces your business to close until you can repair or rebuild your facility, business interruption insurance covers you for the risk or loses
Technical Risk: most businesses today have information technology exposure to business operations. Compasnies/Businesses ae at risk from invasion by electronic intrudes, wheather the damage occurs on an external website od an internal intranet, a company network. Cyberinsurance describes a group of insurance policies that protect a company against loss from hacked computers, virus attacks, copywright unfrigement, web contact liabiity, and other technology-related risks.

FYI: USAIGC Masterson Insurance works with financially sound, reputable insurance companies (not one company) to compete against each other for the USAIGC Club Owners Business. Masterson Insurance will place your policy with the company offering the best competitive price and best coverage. OUR USAIGC Insurance Program REDUCES your insurance cost as well as exposing any gaps in your current insurance policies. The USAIGC has given Masterson Insurance the directive to analyze your insurance from a RISK MANAGEMENT point of view. Masterson Insurance will provide the USAIGC Club Owner FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Complete analysis of your insurance needs
  • NO obligation review and COMPARISON of your insurance
  • Design a responsible protection program
  • Select a company or companies best suited for your situation
  • Present to the Club Owner a completely priced proposal
  • Move quickly to get fair, prompt settlement for your claims
  • Periodically review the adequacy of your insurance program
  • Look for ways to save you money
    No other insurance agency is doing this. The USAIGC feels very confident in our Insurance Partners. As Club Owners, Business Men & Women you have the opportunity to finally have an insurance Company work for YOU
  • Masterson INSURANCE APP! Giving you the opportunity to test the insurance waters from the top insurance companies in the USA for the best deal and best coverage. The APP allows you to get an insurance quote and bind you''re your policy seamlessly. It will also allow you to get your Certificate of Insurance for outside gymnastic facilities. There is nothing easier! It costs you nothing to get a free price quote and insurance analysis. Every Club Owner MUST understand what they are insured for. You must fully understand your insurance policy. You do not want to learn the hard way. Be a Pro-Active Club Owner.The USAIGC receives no compensation from Masterson Insurance Agency. Their job is to provide YOU the Club Owner with the best insurance coverage possible for the least amount of money.
    Masterson Insurance handles Business Owners Insurance & General Liability, as well as: Fire, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, Health, Life & Retirement Insurance and much more: Business Equipment Insurance, Flood, Loss of Business Insurance, Thief, Plate Glass.



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    Paul Spadaro - USAIGC President
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    fax: 212.227.9793

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